Net Hero Podcast – Art and people power at COP26

Art and society two areas of exploration at COP26 which delve into in this episode

Big Zero Report 2023

In this week’s episode you’ll hear two very interesting chats that I had at COP26.

Both on topics that seem somewhat peripheral but actually have a profound effect on how we as society undergo change to make the planet a better place to live. The first was an obscure stand behind the back of the Blue Zone where I met Vincent Huang the offical artist of Tuvalu – he is bizarrely Tiwanese and specialises in art depicting climate change, frankly fascinating.

And the second part is a conversation with an old friend of ours here at – Angus Forbes who was a co-host on series one of Gaia Says No. And with Angus whom I met at a fringe event, we discussed the idea of how we the public can hold our leaders to account in a better way. Is it time to create a body to protect the biosphere and would this prevent the politiking that goes on when it comes to a unified approach to climate change.

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