Tuesday 7 December 2021

‘Only 11% of EV breakdowns are caused by lack of charge’

‘Only 11% of EV breakdowns are caused by lack of charge’

Wheel or flat tyre issues are three times more likely to cause an electric car to breakdown than running out of charge.

That’s according to new research looking to dispel the myth surrounding range anxiety when adopting an electric vehicle (EV).

The study claims that during the last three years, running out of charge was the cause of an EV to breakdown only 11% of the time.

Wheel and tyre issues, which are also just as common in petrol and diesel cars were to blame 37% of the time.

However, the study did warn that during winter months EVs can have more power drained than cars with internal combustion engines and advises drivers to use the ‘pre-heat function’ that most electric cars have – which defrosts the vehicle using an app before you need to leave.

The research was conducted by Liverpool Victoria Britannica Rescue.

Managing Director Henry Topham commented: “Range anxiety has been built up to be a thing for people to be concerned about when it comes to going green but our data shows that in reality it’s a very rare issue for electric car drivers.

“Generally electric cars perform very well and aren’t susceptible to suffering nearly as many issues as petrol or diesel models.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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