Alpro to boost plant-based production with £41m

The investment will see its production increase to 300m litres of plant-based drinks each year

Big Zero Report 2023

Alpro, owned by Danone, has announced it will invest £41 million into its facility in Kettering to ramp up production of plant-based drinks.

The investment will see production jump to 300 million litres of plant-based drinks each year, as the company looks to become more sustainable and bring more jobs to the area.

The money will also fund a £17 million production facility to quicken the speed of manufacturing and will include a water treatment plant to reduce carbon emissions and water use across the site.

The Kettering site currently operates a zero waste to landfill policy and has reduced its energy consumption per product by more than 40% in the last 13 years.

General Manager Sue Garfitt said: “As a committed B Corp business, our environmental impact matters in everything that we do, so we are proud to be making this positive progress in further reducing our planetary footprint.

“We’ve made leaps and bounds across our product portfolio, including reducing our packaging usage and striving for 100% recyclable packaging and 100% plant-based or recycled materials by 2025, so it’s vital that our sustainable initiatives are also being reflected in our sustainable manufacturing processes.”

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