Thursday 2 December 2021

Renewables, a class act!

Renewables, a class act!

Are renewables going back to school?

A trial of a renewable energy storage solution at a primary school in Oxfordshire promises to offer insights into practices that could bring greater sustainability and energy savings in schools across the UK.

A battery has been installed at Rose Hill Primary School to store excess energy generated from the school’s solar panels to allow it to run on clean energy during overcast or evening periods. 

In addition to the battery, a management platform, known as a distributed energy resources management system, has also been connected to monitor the electricity generated and stored at the school.

This technology is most commonly used to monitor the output of large-scale wind farms or solar PV projects.

The trial is testing how such technology could be used on a smaller scale to benefit local organisations. 

Ben Kirley, Project Manager at Smarter Grid Solutions, said: "By building smart and flexible community energy projects we can create a network of renewable resources that support local needs whilst building resilience into the electricity system as a whole."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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