Gaming company looks to complete carbon-neutral level by 2025

Sumo Group has committed to switching to renewable energy, making zero-emission vehicles available to its workers and restoring British peatland projects to account for its carbon

Big Zero Report 2023

Video game company Sumo Group has committed to becoming carbon-neutral by 2025.

The first step it has taken is to buy carbon offset credits equivalent to the total emissions of all its UK businesses for 2020 and is now taking further steps to directly tackle its own footprint.

It has launched a scheme to make ultra-low emission vehicles more available to its UK workforce and will start switching all its energy contracts to renewable ones in the coming years.

The group is supporting a project to restore British Peatlands in the North of England to prevent further carbon being released from around 7,000km².

General Counsel, Steven Webb, said: “Sumo Group is committed to progressing its ESG strategy significantly and this commitment to net zero marks a major step in the environmental element of our work.

“We want to take a bold step that will make a visible and meaningful difference.”

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