Monday 22 November 2021

Carbon-neutral energy to be made from ground and low-level wind

Carbon-neutral energy to be made from ground and low-level wind

A Scottish consortium has been formed to deploy carbon-neutral energy made from ground and low-level wind.

The consortium of Katrick Technologies, AGS Airports and the University of Strathclyde is looking to develop a new type of wind technology – which uses wind panels to produce renewable energy from previously unharnessed power: low-level wind energy.

These wind panels can capture wind power without having to be high in the sky or on a large scale – and can be deployed in both airports and motorways to help them decarbonise and become a source of green energy.

The wind panels hold two purposes as they also include sound barriers – to both cut noise pollution and generate clean energy.

Derek Provan, Chief Executive of AGS Airports, said: “Renewable technologies have the potential to power vast amounts of on-site equipment, offset energy costs and reduce the requirement for carbon-based energy supply.

“In addition to supporting our transition to net zero, these wind panels also have the potential to help us manage the impact of airport-related noise which we know is an important issue for the communities we serve.

“Managing this is an integral part of how we grow our airports responsibly and these panels could also act as noise barriers on our airfields.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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