‘Smaller businesses can be the most dynamic and act the fastest’

The UK’s Net Zero Champion, Andrew Griffith, explained the role all businesses have to play in the net zero transition at COP26

Big Zero Report 2023

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“I want businesses of every size… to feel that they can be part of it. This is a challenge that affects us all and we need to harness every part of society.”

That was the view of Andrew Griffith, the UK’s Net Zero Champion and MP for Arundel and South Downs, speaking live from COP26.

He was persuading businesses of all sizes to be involved with the process of climate action and stressed that everyone has an impact they can make – no matter their size.

“Often, smaller businesses can be the most dynamic and they can act the fastest – and they have really strong and trusted relationships with their customers,” he said.

“There are some small businesses here [at COP26], there are lots of micro-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from around the world and I’m here to engage with all of those and make sure that at the end of the day, our world leaders feel confident that if they make the pledges we need them to make, that business is behind them and waiting to make the most of that opportunity.”

Watch the full interview to learn more on what he had to say, as well as the role small businesses can have in a greener future.

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