Shell and RWE team up to boost green hydrogen production

The two companies are looking to build projects in the Northeast that produce green hydrogen and are also considering carbon capture solutions

Big Zero Report 2023

Shell and RWE have joined forces to accelerate the production and distribution of green hydrogen.

The companies have previous experience working together on projects in both the Netherlands and Germany – and will now look to build projects in the Northeast of England to boost green hydrogen production.

The projects will either be located in Teesside or Humberside and will use offshore wind power to produce hydrogen. They are also considering building electrolysis plants that produce green hydrogen and will investigate whether it can be transported directly to customers via hydrogen pipelines.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) opportunities are also being explored through the partnership, whereby Shell would produce and supply hydrogen, capture the carbon dioxide and then transfer it to RWE sites.

Wael Sawan from Royal Dutch Shell said: “We are delighted about this agreement with RWE. Both companies are of the opinion that progress towards net zero emissions needs government policy to support the energy transition and our customers’ needs for low carbon energy solutions.

“It makes sense for us to evaluate the potential of joint decarbonisation projects and make the best of the global energy experience both companies bring to the table.”

RWE CEO Markus Krebber added: “Effective climate action needs cross-sector and cross-national cooperation. In our cooperation with Shell, we want to develop solutions that combine new approaches with proven technologies and above all, can be applied quickly and on a large scale.

“We will also contribute our special expertise in the development of offshore wind projects as well as the provision of energy in the form of electricity, heat and in the future, green hydrogen for our customers.”

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