COP26 – Hydrogen can bear the burden says Gemserv analyst

Light enough to do the lifting? Clare Jackson from Gemserv argues the benefits of hydrogen for net zero

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Hydrogen can do some of the heavy lifting when it comes to decarbonising many sectors says Clare Jackson, Head of Innovation at Gemserv.

Clare who was speaking from the innovation zone at COP26, told me she believes the gas can have a role in helping with heat and transport but it can also be scaled to offer much more.

“The question is how much of the burden can hydrogen bear in other sectors? Heat is a classic example, there are some other options there but you can’t decarbonise a hundred percent of housing stock using heat pumps and district heating we’re going to need hydrogen.

“Hydrogen if you produce it from renewables is zero emissions. If you produce it from fossil fuels with carbon capture, with the capture rates in this country, we’re looking at extremely high capture rates, over 90%, so it can be very low carbon.

“In terms of the scale it can deliver. We’ve done a survey of the UK pipeline of what could be delivered by 2030 and we’ve identified 22GW of production which is quite a long way above the government’s target of 5GW. But that’s indicative of the kind of scale that can be delivered in the UK.”

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