Wednesday 10 November 2021

COP26: Let’s pull out all the stops, says Boris

COP26: Let’s pull out all the stops, says Boris

The first draft agreement detailing how countries will look to slash emissions and keep temperature rises below 1.5°C after COP26 has been published.

The agreement has been published by the UK COP26 presidency and will be the subject of talks and negotiations at the summit today.

It sets out negotiators’ hopes of the outcomes of the climate conference and covers various topics, including climate finance and adaptation.

The draft calls for parties to “revisit and strengthen the 2030 targets in their nationally-determined contributions, as necessary to align with the Paris Agreement temperature goal by the end of 2022."

It follows Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s return to the event, as he looks to urge all countries to “pull out all the stops” and make the final few days of the summit truly productive and worthwhile.

Negotiators from 197 parties will meet today to discuss the implementation of various emissions targets, as well as definitive dates for these and the heated subject of climate finance – throughout proceedings many developing countries have called for more climate finance to be made available to prevent targets and agreements becoming futile.

Boris Johnson commented: “Negotiating teams are doing the hard yards in these final days of COP26 to turn promises into action on climate change.

“There’s still much to do. Today I’ll be meeting with ministers and negotiators to hear about where progress has been made and where the gaps must be bridged. This is bigger than any one country and it is time for nations to put aside differences and come together for our planet and our people.

“We need to pull out all the stops if we’re going to keep 1.5°C within our grasp.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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