What can space teach us about climate change?

We spoke with Astronaut and artist Nicole Stott on the answers space can give us on climate change and the solutions it could offer

Big Zero Report 2023

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“All these things that look really beautiful from space may not be so beautiful for the life that’s experiencing [them] down on the planet.”

NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott gave her view on the perspective space can provide to the damage we’re doing to the Earth through climate change.

She spoke with future Net Zero live from the Extreme Hangout fringe event at the COP26 climate summit on the aims of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and the solutions space could provide.

Could space offer the chance to “lift a lot of the industry, a lot of the problems that we’re trying to overcome the challenges of here on Earth” off planet, “to the benign environment of space and generate all the electricity that everyone here on Earth needs, without the impacts here on Earth?”

Watch the full interview to find out.

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