Boris reportedly leaves COP26 in private jet

The Prime Minister has faced heavy criticism following reports that he flew from Glasgow to London to attend a dinner at a private members’ club

Big Zero Report 2023

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come under fire in the midst of the COP26 climate summit after reports have surfaced that he flew back to London from the conference in Glasgow by private jet to have dinner at a private members’ club.

He is reported to have made the 400-mile journey on Tuesday night, following his speech and declaration stating the world must “get serious about climate change today” or “it will be too late for our children to do so tomorrow.”

A spokesperson for No 10 has said that the journey was made with consideration of “time restraints” given the Prime Minister’s heavy schedule this week.

They commented: “All travel decisions are made with consideration for security and time restraints.

“The Prime Minister returned on Tuesday night from four days of engagements in Rome and Glasgow, ahead of updating parliament on the important commitments secured both at the G20 and COP26.

“The Prime Minister travelled on one of the most carbon-efficient planes of its size in the world, using the most sustainable aviation fuel possible. The UK will be offsetting all carbon emissions associated with running COP26, including travel.”

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