Stevenage Borough Council pledges to achieve net zero by 2030

The council is cutting the emissions of its own operations and is providing grants and education to help residents and businesses do the same

Big Zero Report 2023

Stevenage Borough Council has committed to achieving net zero by 2030.

It is planning to convert its fleet to entirely zero-emission by 2028, reduce its energy use through more working from home and other measures, as well as provide education to its residents and businesses on how they can reduce their carbon footprint.

The council will offer £8,000 in grants to local businesses to help them cut carbon and make more low carbon investments.

It is also looking to retrofit social housing with energy saving measures and funding a public transport system to offer more infrastructure around electric vehicles (EVs).

Councillor John Gardner said: “Working towards Stevenage’s target to become carbon-neutral by 2030 is an ambitious target and it is essential that we take the lead as the town’s local authority.

“This is just the beginning of our work to get to net zero; we will take the lead in climate action but we will need the full and vigorous support of local people, businesses and funding from central government to get to net zero.

“We must act now to mitigate the worst consequences of climate change on our world.”

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