Battery energy storage system with 50MW capacity goes live

The collaborative project between Pivot Power, Wärtsilä and EDF looks to provide more flexibility and support the UK’s electricity grid

Big Zero Report 2023

Pivot Power, Wärtsilä and EDF have together activated a 50MW battery energy storage system in Kent.

The unit is based at Pivot Power’s Kemsley site and the companies hope it will help bolster the UK’s net zero ambitions.

The lithium-ion battery energy storage system is directly connected to National Grid’s network and will be used to provide more flexibility and support to the country’s electricity grid.

This is the second project of its kind to begin operations, as part of Pivot Power’s plans to build 40 similar sites across the UK to provide 2GW of flexible capacity. The first project was built in Cowley, Oxford and went live last June.

Matt Allen, CEO of Pivot Power, said: “The expansion of our battery storage portfolio is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to future-proofing the UK’s energy system and accelerating a net zero future.

“Through this collaboration with Wärtsilä and EDF we are creating more of the low carbon infrastructure needed to manage the integration of renewables into the grid and power our lives with clean energy.”

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