Budweiser partners to power its brewery with green hydrogen

The brewery in South Wales will have its production, HGVs and forklifts powered by hydrogen

Big Zero Report 2023


Budweiser Brewing Group and Protium have joined forces to explore powering one of the largest breweries in the UK with green hydrogen.

The Magor brewery in South Wales would have its production, HGVs and forklift trucks powered by hydrogen in an attempt to make it carbon-neutral.

Budweiser’s current wind and solar assets currently operating on its sites will be used to manufacture the green hydrogen at Protium’s facility and is expected to produce more than 20MW of green hydrogen for the brewery.

It is projected to save 15,500 tonnes of carbon emissions each year from 2027 – equal to removing 3,300 cars from UK roads.

Mauricio Coindreau, Head of Sustainability and Procurement at Budweiser Brewing Group, said: “Sustainability and the wellbeing of our planet are at the core of our business. Innovative energy solutions like hydrogen have huge potential as a key part of our sustainability strategy, helping us significantly reduce our UK carbon footprint.

“As a company we are committed to continuously exploring technology that can help us meet our ambitious 2025 Sustainability Goals, so the key focus of this project is to ensure the efficient operation, application, and sustainability advantages of green hydrogen.”

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