Heat Pump Association welcomes new £5,000 grant strategy

It has said the new Heat and Buildings Strategy will help strengthen the already growing heat pump market and is the right step in limiting fossil fuel output

Big Zero Report 2023

The Heat Pump Association has welcomed the UK’s Heat and Buildings Strategy announced by government today.

It praises the inclusion of phase-out dates for the installation of fossil fuel heating, the increased support for households purchasing heat pumps and the rebalancing of environmental levies on electricity.

The public will now be paid grants of up to £5,000 for purchasing a heat pump – you can read about the full strategy in more detail here.

Chair of the Heat Pump Association, Phil Hurley, said: “The heat pump industry warmly welcomes these bold steps forward. The industry in the best shape it has ever been, with sales this year already double those seen ever before.

“This announcement is timed perfectly to take advantage of the Heat Pump Association’s recently launched training course, with the industry now ready to retrain the UK’s army of installers with the capacity to train up to 40,000 per year – to ensure consumers can find a suitably trained and skilled heat pump installer when they need one.

“Today’s announcement will give industry and installers a huge confidence boost that now is the time to scale-up and retrain in preparation for the mass roll out of heat pumps, as well as making heat pumps more affordable, so all consumers can soon access and enjoy the benefits of reliable low carbon heating that stands the test of time.”

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