Is 007 going electric all thanks to David Beckham?

A new electric Aston Martin DB6 could hit the roads by 2023 – but it will set you back £1m

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James Bond is synonymous with driving Aston Martins – but could the agent be car chasing around some of the world’s most scenic spots in a zero-emission edition?

Lunaz has unveiled its latest set of classic car electric vehicles (EVs) – converted Aston Martin DB6s.

The UK EV conversion company is backed by ex-footballer David Beckham and will be taking a small selection of the classic cars and retrofitting them with electric batteries to offer a range of up to 255 miles.

The car will reportedly be priced at more than £1 million so it won’t be cheap to replicate 007 for zero-emissions.

Image: Lunaz

They will be released in a very limited number and are set to be available for customers by 2023.

David Lorenz, CEO, said: “The introduction of electric Aston Martin DB6 cars has been driven by sustained demand from our existing clients. It also reflects the desires of an entirely new classic car buyer.

“These women and men have been drawn to Lunaz because for the first time they are presented with the powertrain and modern conveniences of today, clothed in a design that speaks of an era when aesthetic purity was the only requirement.”