Government offers £2m in new grants for green transport startups

Battery cooling and portable charging solutions are among the awarded projects

Big Zero Report 2023

Start-ups developing a total of 53 projects aimed to decarbonise transport have been awarded a share of £1.95 million in new government funding.

One of them is a battery-cooling system that allows drivers to charge their vehicles quickly by preventing battery packs from getting too hot.

The new funding will also support the development of a portable charging solution that enables drivers to charge at remote sites, including festivals and tourist attractions.

Transport Minister Trudy Harrison said: “Backing innovation is a priority for us, and I am delighted to be supporting Britain’s budding entrepreneurs as they help us to ensure people can travel at ease and to solve the complex task of decarbonising our transport system.

“This is vital as we look ahead to a greener and safer transport future that will create jobs right across the UK.”

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