Net Hero Podcast – Is CCS the ‘net’ in net zero?

In Episode 3 we discover if carbon capture and storage is actually the most cost effective step we can take at present to cut emissions

Big Zero Report 2023

This week on the podcast I speak to Alex Milward, Director of the UK’s Carbon Capture Storage and Utilisation programme at BEIS.

CCS is a way of allowing us to still use fossil fuels but capture and sequestrate the carbon, so we don’t increase the level of emissions.

Many see it as a ‘net’ solution ie it can help us actively reduce carbon but others say it’s a licence to keep using fossil fuels.

It’s decades old technology but we have never been very good at it here. So can the UK do it on a big scale, will it help us in the transition to a fossil fuel free future and is it possible we can be world leaders at it and encourage the likes of China, the US and India to follow?

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