‘World’s first’ $20m carbon-neutral bicycle tyre factory to open next year

The facility will be based in Thailand, run on solar power and use recycled materials in its manufacturing

Net Hero Podcast

The world’s first carbon-neutral bicycle tyre production facility will open in Thailand in 2022.

It will be built by the Vittoria Group, which has invested $20 million (£14.8m) to grow the plant from 36,000 to 52,000 square metres.

Vittoria has stated the plant will be powered by solar panels, use recycled materials and climate control as well as electrical curing to make it carbon-neutral.

The facility is set to become operational at the end of next year.

Stijn Vrends, CEO, said: “We are very pleased to further invest in Thailand, the world’s premium place for development and production of high-quality bicycle tyres.

“The new factory is an important milestone in our journey towards sustainable and carbon-neutral manufacturing.”