Monday 4 October 2021

The Big Zero Report – AMP Clean Energy

The Big Zero Report – AMP Clean Energy

Businesses play a key role in the journey towards net zero and curbing global emissions by 2050.

That is why we recently published our Big Zero Report – a compilation of thought leadership from our partners and an exploration into what top experts believe must be done to accelerate progress towards a more sustainable world.

The report is available to download for free here and you can read what Secretary of State Kwasi Kwarteng made of it here.

We spoke with experts from AMP Clean Energy to get an insight into what progress they believe has been made and what the next important steps are.

Stuart Reid, Managing Director (Projects), said on policy: “We don’t actually have any real policies at the moment that are helping projects actually get off the ground. We’ve got a lot of ambition, we’ve seen some vision documents, white papers, high level roadmaps and so on.

“But we’ve not yet seen the policy emerge that’s actually going to help turn that vision into any sort of reality.

“It’s actually more difficult today to develop and create [low carbon heat] projects, then it was even 12 months ago.”

On gaining more funding for technology, Gill Alker commented: “My preference would be through a carbon tax, where the income from that tax is then cycled back through into fundamental research. That approach would be two-fold if you like in its benefits.

“Firstly, it would create an environment to encourage people to be creative around how they avoid that carbon tax and secondly it would provide an income for us to be able to generate new ideas and new technologies to be able to solve the big problems.”

Jamie Carroll, Head of Human Resources, believes behavioural change is essential to achieving net zero. She said: “This is fundamentally about the changes we make to the way we heat our homes, our transportation systems, the cars that we drive, the food that we eat and our diets.

“It’s about changing that mindset for everybody in our lifestyles as well, so we can have those large-scale reductions to achieve net zero. What we’ve seen here at AMP Clean Energy is regardless of the pandemic, now more than ever, people are really up for the change. They want to be achieving net zero and are more mindful of reducing carbon.”

Watch the video for the full interviews and insight.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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