SSE Renewables enters Japanese offshore wind market

It has partnered with Pacifico Energy to acquire 80% interest in its offshore wind development platform

Big Zero Report 2023

SSE Renewables has entered the Japanese offshore wind market, joining forces with Pacifico Energy.

Through the partnership, SSE Renewables will acquire 80% interest in an offshore wind development platform from Pacifico.

The two most advanced projects from the partnership have secured grid access and stakeholder engagement is underway.

Japan is targeting 10GW of offshore wind installations by 2030 and up to 45GW by 2040.

Japan joins Spain, Portugal, Denmark and Poland as markets that SSE Renewables is looking to develop offshore wind projects, with the East Asian wind market expected to deploy up to 140GW by 2050.

Jim Smith, Managing Director of SSE Renewables, said: “Today is an exciting next step for SSE Renewables as we enter Japan which has huge ambitions for offshore wind deployment. –

“In Pacifico Energy we have found a fantastic local partner with hugely complementary local capabilities, experience and insights that can help bring our expertise in developing, building and operating offshore wind to this market.”

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