GridBeyond and Bryt Energy join forces to help businesses become more sustainable

Bryt Energy’s customers will receive a new platform from GridBeyond using AI to optimise their sustainable assets

Big Zero Report 2023

GridBeyond and Bryt Energy have partnered to help their businesses become more sustainable.

Bryt Energy’s business customers will be given access to GridBeyond Point, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help organisations optimise energy storage, electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, on-site generators and load assets.

The platform has been created to help businesses save money by optimising the value of their assets in the trading markets, whilst also supporting the integration of renewable energy into the grid.

Chris Curry, Head of Flexibility at Bryt Energy, said: “The business community and the manner in which they consume electricity will be a critical element in achieving net zero.

“Given the right tools, businesses can support the integration of more renewables and provide support to the system in adopting EVs and heat pumps. We’re focused on delivering these solutions.”

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