Wednesday 29 September 2021

Webinar: The Big Zero chat: We can stop a ticking clock!

Webinar: The Big Zero chat: We can stop a ticking clock!


Clare Jackson, Head of Innovation, Gemserv

Leading on Innovation at Gemserv, Clare Jackson works with new and emerging technologies. In 2020 Clare launched the Hydrogen Taskforce which is leading the national debate on the role of hydrogen in meeting net zero and working with industry leaders, Ministers and civil servants on the next steps required to scale hydrogen in the UK.

Clare also pioneered the Smart Thermostat Group and led the Ammonia to Green Hydrogen R&D project under the BEIS hydrogen supply programme. She continues to coordinate and manage industry groups to deploy new technologies and engage with policy.

David Williams, Vice President, Marketing, Schneider Electric UK and Ireland

David Williams is a seasoned professional responsible for Schneider’s offer, channel, segment, pricing, and digital marketing strategies. He also manages PR and Corporate Communications across the UK & Ireland.

Having joined Schneider Electric nearly a decade ago, David has honed his skills across a variety of business units, including Solar, Smart Buildings, Digital Power Solutions and Power Products, before being promoted to the role of VP of Marketing responsible for the UK & Ireland Zone.

David is passionate about telling the sustainability and energy efficiency story, inspiring high-tech industry innovation, and enabling positive business change. His reemit includes setting and executing business and marketing strategy, driving employee engagement, and managing commercial activities of Schneider.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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