Tuesday 28 September 2021

New Leeds institute to tackle fashion’s global environmental challenges

New Leeds institute to tackle fashion’s global environmental challenges

A new fashion and textiles institute that aims to tackle global environmental challenges through partnerships with industry has been launched at the University of Leeds.

The Leeds Institute of Textiles and Colour (LITAC) will take on challenges including fast fashion and the need for advanced materials, manufacturing processes and sustainable products.

LITAC brings together existing areas of excellence, including Future Fashion Factory (FFF), which since 2018 has helped businesses to develop sustainable processes and digital tools to guide design and manufacturing processes from start to finish, analyse demand, increase agility and reduce waste.


Stephen Russell, Professor of Textile Materials and Technology in Leeds’ School of Design and the Founding Director of LITAC said: “Textiles and colour are fundamental to the function and appearance of countless products used by society and the industry as a whole is looking to innovate at every stage of the supply chain, to increase competitiveness, address environmental impacts and drive sustainable growth.

“Whether it is significantly reducing waste or a lack of transparency in the global fashion industry, creating new materials to rapidly diagnose infection in healthcare or deploying artificial intelligence, we can help with these sorts of diverse challenges.

“Our expertise across the university – in design, science and engineering – make us ideally-placed to build on existing relationships.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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