Glasgow launches £30bn ‘Greenprint for Investment’ portfolio

The projects include a £10 billion home energy retrofit scheme and district heating network that will harness the power of the River Clyde

Big Zero Report 2023

Glasgow has today launched a £30 billion portfolio of projects inviting investors to become part of the city’s 2030 net zero target.

The so-called Greenprint for Investment portfolio includes a £10 billion city-wide retrofit scheme to make all homes energy efficient, a proposal to power district heating networks using the River Clyde and a scaling up of a tree-planting project by 9,000 hectares.

Councillor Susan Aitken Leader of Glasgow City Council said: “All cities face huge change. Glasgow’s challenges are typical of those of so many of our global peers. As cities rebuild to decarbonise, we can be the demonstrator in shaping those solutions.

“The success of COP26 will be measured by how cities can take the practical steps necessary to secure the future of our planet. Our Greenprint provides a major part of our roadmap to doing just that.”

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