Thursday 23 September 2021

Camera developed using quantum physics to scan EV batteries for faults

Camera developed using quantum physics to scan EV batteries for faults

A battery camera made using quantum technology to scan for faults in electric vehicle (EV) batteries has been developed by physicists at the University of Sussex.

The physicists have worked with Brighton start-up CDO2 to create the camera, which they claim is an industry first for EV safety and efficiency.

The device works by scanning EV batteries to check for faults – to develop more efficient and safer batteries for new cars.

Vehicle manufacturers and workers will now be able to see inside the battery from the outside, investigate its health and durability.

The product is to become commercially available and will be showcased at the Cenex-LVC event, which aims to highlight the best innovations for low carbon vehicles.

Professor Peter Kruger, Quantum Systems and Devices Group at the University of Sussex, remarked: “Battery development and energy storage are crucial to the development of EVs and therefore, tackling climate change.

“In our research, we are advancing quantum technologies to develop efficient and reliable EV batteries for a sustainable future.

“By providing non-invasive diagnostic tools, which can be used to observe the current flow in batteries without any alteration of or even physical contact with the batteries in the process, we can reduce waste, improve safety and speed production.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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