Thursday 23 September 2021

‘Biodiversity decline by 2030 can still be stopped’

‘Biodiversity decline by 2030 can still be stopped’

More action, investment and embracing of natural solutions can stop the biodiversity decline by 2030.

That’s the view of five UK statutory nature agencies, calling on all parts of society for greater action and investment in nature.

Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, NatureScot, Northern Ireland Environment Agency and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee have published a joint report explaining the significant role nature has to play in the UK’s path to net zero.

It explains that protecting nature will not only improve human health but also tackle climate change and the uncertain future ahead – but this all depends on maintaining biodiverse ecosystems.

It warns that ensuring wildlife thrives within protected areas and unprotected areas is critical to the recovery of nature, as well as investment in habitat restoration and the prevention of water pollution from nitrogen and ammonia.

The paper stresses the need for nature recovery to be considered in the same breadth as net zero aims for businesses and industries.

Clare Pillman, Chief Executive of Natural Resources Wales, said: “Restoring nature is our primary defence against climate breakdown, and this report demonstrates the collective ambition of all four nations of the UK to do just that.

“While our window of opportunity is small, we know that real change can happen when governments, groups and individuals work together to protect our climate and natural world.

“We hope this report stimulates crucial conversations and triggers a wave of action amongst decision-makers around the world, providing an example to others of what it means to achieve environmental growth for the benefit of future generations.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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