Wednesday 22 September 2021

Net Hero podcast – Nuclear can we go net zero without it?

Net Hero podcast – Nuclear can we go net zero without it?

The Net Hero Podcast will be bringing you a new take on net zero, you'll be informed, entertained and inspired. You'll agree with some speakers and disagree with others and you'll be debating things with friends and colleagues.

Our aim is to get you engaged even more with the net zero pathway so you'll hear from CEOs, politicians, scientists and business people from large and small companies. You'll also just get some episodes where I hope you just sit back and say, 'I never knew that'. We will look back and look forward.

And we start with a timely discussion about nuclear energy. In the week where we have seen how our energy prices are so dependent on gas supply, should we think about embracing nuclear power more? Is nuclear not the cleanest form of baseload power and wouldn't it speed our path to net zero?

Or is it a 20th century fuel, a relic of a dream from the golden age of sci-fi.

Listen in to my fascinating conversation with Caroline Longman from the National Nuclear Laboratory.

Once you've listened let me know your thoughts - email or use the #nethero on our social media.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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