Wednesday 22 September 2021

Hydrogen-powered motor racing, transported by biofuel?

Hydrogen-powered motor racing, transported by biofuel?

Toyota entered a hydrogen-powered car into this year’s Japanese motor race – the Super Taikyu Series.

The vehicle was not only powered by hydrogen - but the hydrogen was also transported using biofuel and hydrogen trucks, as part of Toyota’s aim for carbon-neutrality.

It partnered with Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Iwatani and J-Power to transport the hydrogen across Japan and next year will conduct a trial of transporting it from Australia using the ‘world’s first’ liquefied hydrogen carrier.

By 2030, it plans to transport 225,000 tonnes of hydrogen from Australia as a full-scale commercial supply chain.

For the race, hydrogen produced in the Fukushima Prefecture was transported using biofuel trucks and fuel cell electric trucks transported the hydrogen produced in Australia.

Toyota’s aim with the venture was to demonstrate an environmentally friendly future for motorsports and highlight that performance would not be affected by using alternative fuels.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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