Sustainable aviation fuel demand ‘set for 30-fold higher flights by 2025’

Global demand for SAF will increase from 80,000 to 3m tonnes by 2025 to support aviation’s green transition, according to a new report

Big Zero Report 2023

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) demand is predicted to increase more than 30-fold by 2025.

A new report from the commodities price reporting provider FastMarkets forecasts global demand for SAF will soar from the current estimated 80,000 tonnes to three million tonnes in the next four years to support aviation‘s low carbon transition.

That growth in demand would require more than $7 billion (£5bn) of investment to upgrade production facilities, according to the study.

The authors of the report said that investment is larger than that in all biofuel in both 2019 and 2020.

The findings also show that two regions will likely lead to SAF adoption, the EU and the US.

That is mainly driven by the new government regulation.

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