JustPark and Octopus team up to electrify business fleets

The companies have developed a technology that allows fleet drivers to charge overnight without a private charger

Net Hero Podcast

JustPark and Octopus Energy have joined forces to develop off-street electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to help businesses electrify their fleets.

JustPark will find suitable locations to install private chargers close to fleet drivers’ homes, allowing them to charge overnight without a private charger. Octopus will be responsible for the installation of the chargers.

The technology has been called ‘FleetCharge’ and the companies have stated it gives drivers guaranteed access to their dedicated charger, effectively creating a private charging network for the fleet without the person needing to own one at home.

Mike Strahlman, Director of EV at JustPark, said: “Our discussions with fleet customers tell us that there is a real appetite to electrify in the sector but charging accessibility at home is preventing many operators from scaling up at speed.

“FleetCharge is a simple and effective way to bring convenient, local charging to fleet drivers, putting an end to the charging inequality that is holding the industry back.”