Campaigners to walk 500 miles from London to Glasgow for COP26

They are calling for world leaders to take more action to protect the environment this November

Big Zero Report 2023

Last Saturday members of the public begun a 500-mile walk from Tower Hill in London to Glasgow, where COP26 will be held this November, to urge world leaders to do more to protect the planet and tackle climate change.

The group, who have called themselves ‘Listening to the Land’ will walk 10 miles per day for the next eight weeks to reach the UN conference.

They are campaigning for more diverse voices to be heard at COP26 and to galvanise more ordinary people to speak up on the climate crisis.

Anna Lehmann, Listening to the Land Co-Founder, said: “Our very lives rely on nature to give us food and shelter, now nature needs us to give back.

“As the scientific community has just stated in the latest IPCC report, we know exactly what causes climate change and why we are losing nature and we absolutely know that we still can prevent the worst, if we act now.

“The UK is uniquely positioned to lead on this, as this year’s COP host and as a huge historic emitter with a substantial international land footprint.”

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