GlobalFoundries targets 25% emissions reductions by 2030

The semiconductor manufacturer will enhance its manufacturing emission controls, further improve energy efficiency and source more renewable and lower carbon energy

Net Hero Podcast

GlobalFoundries (GF), a US-based semiconductor manufacturer, has announced its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030.

Under the new ‘Journey to Zero Carbon’ initiative, it will apply a variety of approaches and invest in projects to reduce its global manufacturing footprint.

They include enhancing manufacturing emission controls, further improving energy efficiency and sourcing renewable and lower carbon energy.

More than 4GWh of electricity consumed in 2020 was from renewable onsite generation sources at GF’s Singapore sites, avoiding more than 470 million tonnes of carbon equivalent emissions.

CEO Tom Caulfield said: “We recognise climate change is an unprecedented global challenge and Journey to Zero Carbon is GF’s commitment to growing responsibly and reducing our emissions in a meaningful way.

“GF has a proven track record of environmentally responsible manufacturing and operations and Journey to Zero Carbon is the natural next step for us to take. It’s the right thing do to – for our business, for our global team and for our planet.”