South London bus garage charges up for greener future

New cables have been installed to electrify the bus route 200 – cutting costs and emissions

Big Zero Report 2023

A bus garage in South West London has had new infrastructure put in place for electric buses to become operational.

UK Power Networks installed new cables at Merton bus garage, providing Go-Ahead with the additional power needed to charge 17 electric buses overnight to be used for route 200 from Mitcham to Raynes Park.

The installation means the bus garage can charge its fleet when local electricity demand is low, cutting costs, as well as emissions.

Richard Harrington, Director at Go-Ahead London, said: “As the capital’s largest bus company and the UK’s biggest individual e-bus operator, we are at the forefront of zero-emission technology.

“Go-Ahead London and UK Power Networks have worked collaboratively to electrify route 200 and in the process, improve air quality for the local communities we serve.”

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