Green automotive tech gets £91m boost

Four projects that advance EV and hydrogen-fuelled technology have received the funding to drive down emissions by up to 32m tonnes

Big Zero Report 2023

Electric and hydrogen automotive innovations have been given £91 million of funding to accelerate their journey towards hitting the roads.

Four projects that could save up to 32 million tonnes of carbon emissions and provide more than 2,700 jobs have been selected to receive the funding through the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC)’s Collaborative Research and Development competition.

The projects aim to make the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) less intimidating; cutting charge times, increasing driving range and making them more affordable.

They include a project in Oxford, which has been given £26.2 million to develop an EV battery to rival the driving range of petrol or diesel engines.

A project in Birmingham has been allocated £9.7 million to create EV batteries that can be fully charged in just 12 minutes and a Darlington project will receive £14.6 million to develop a new zero-emission hydrogen-fuelled engine to decarbonise heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).

The final project in Nuneaton has had a £41.2 million boost to redesign smaller and medium-sized EVs to enable more autonomous capability.

Lord Grimstone, Minister for Investment, said: “Seizing the opportunities that arise from the global green automotive revolution is central to our plans to build back greener and these winning projects will help make the widespread application and adoption of cutting-edge, clean automotive technology a reality.”

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