Thursday 12 August 2021

bp: ‘Australia has potential for green hydrogen and ammonia production at scale’

bp: ‘Australia has potential for green hydrogen and ammonia production at scale’

bp has announced that the production of green hydrogen and green ammonia using renewable energy will be possible at scale in Australia.

It recently conducted a study revealing that due to its solar and wind resources, as well as existing infrastructure and access to long-term markets, Western Australia would be the ideal location to accelerate green hydrogen and ammonia production for domestic and global markets.

Green hydrogen is produced from the electrolysis of water using renewable energy and green ammonia is produced by combining green hydrogen and nitrogen from the air. bp has stated that both fuels can contribute to powering hard-to-decarbonise industries.

Following its study, the company has committed to working alongside stakeholders to accelerate the integration of these fuels into the Australian market.

Frédéric Baudry, President at bp Australia, said: ‎“This study confirms the potential for scaled-up green hydrogen in Western Australia.

"This looks ‎particularly promising in the mid-west, which has existing infrastructure, access to land and ‎abundant renewable energy resources such as wind and solar.

“Importantly, our study also ‎confirmed strong demand from potential customers in the hard-to-abate sectors and for both local ‎and export markets. This has the potential to position Australia as a regional powerhouse of the ‎energy transition.‎”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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