Kao Data ‘UK’s first’ data centre operator to switch from diesel to renewable HVO fuel

It is part of the company’s pursuit towards becoming a fully carbon neutral data centre operator by 2030

Net Hero Podcast

Kao Data has announced it has become the first data centre operator in the UK to fuel all its backup generators with hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) in place of traditional diesel.

The move, in partnership with Crown Oil, will help eliminate up to 90% of net CO2 from its backup generators and significantly reduce nitrogen oxide, particulate matter and carbon monoxide emissions.

It is part of the company’s pursuit towards becoming a fully carbon neutral data centre operator by 2030.

Kao Data’s existing initiatives include using 100% renewable energy and 100% refrigerant-free indirect evaporative cooling technologies.

HVO is said to be one of the cleanest fuels on the market and is a second-generation, advanced renewable diesel alternative, offering improved burning efficiency and delivering the same level of resilience as traditional fossil fuels.

In addition, HVO requires no modification to existing infrastructure and can be used as a direct replacement for diesel and is completely biodegradable.

Gérard Thibault, Chief Technology Officer at Kao Data said: “This pioneering approach to replace our generator’s diesel provision with HVO fuel is a key step in the company’s efforts to become net zero and a further demonstration of our leadership in the international data centre sustainability field.

“This move effectively eliminates fossil fuels from our data centre operations and helps us reduce Scope 3 emissions in our customers’ supply chain, while delivering no degradation to the service they receive. Most importantly, it shows how our industry can take a simple and highly beneficial step forward for the good of the environment, ahead of COP26.”

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