Octopus Energy adds Peugeot electric vans to fleet

The energy provider has added 23 electric vans to its fleet for the use of the engineering team

Big Zero Show 2023

Octopus Energy has added 23 electric vans from Peugeot to its fleet.

The vans will be used by their engineering team to install the same electric vehicle (EV) chargers that the vans use into the homes of customers.

Octopus Energy is also set to open a Decarbonisation of Heat Centre, where its engineers will be trained to install heat pumps to replace boilers.

John Szymik, CEO of Octopus Energy Services, said: “As a green energy provider, we are focused on driving the renewable energy revolution globally. We don’t just mean in the energy industry either, with transport being the UK’s largest carbon-emitting sector it’s high time we put the brakes on unnecessary petrol cars on the road.

“Our 23 new Peugeot e-Expert vans ensure we are firmly in the driving seat as we begin decarbonising our whole engineering fleet. With our new vehicles, we’ll be able to install even more EV chargers across the country and help improve air quality in our cities.”

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