The Big Zero report is finally here

We have produced a thought leadership report with all of our partners to help you navigate your path to net zero – you can download it here

Big Zero Report 2023

Here at future Net Zero, we believe the biggest lever to drive action towards global decarbonisation by 2050 is businesses.

That is why we decided to compile a thought leadership report based on the views of our corporate partners, in which we explore what actions their top experts think are needed to accelerate progress towards a more sustainable world.

We interviewed the experts on the three central topics of policy, technology and behaviour change, asking them what regulations, tools and shifts in thinking would be required over the next three decades. We then compiled this information into the report itself, which serves to illustrate the mood, insights and predictions of the sector at this point in time.

We have already shared the report with all of you that attended Festival Net Zero but for the first time, it is now available for download right here on the website.

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