Southend Council to appoint ‘Head of Climate Change’

It hopes the role will help the seaside town achieve carbon-neutrality by 2030

Net Hero Podcast

Southend Council has begun searching for a ‘Head of Climate Change’ to help the town become carbon-neutral by 2030.

It has set an aim that its own activities, as well as its relationships across the borough, ‘promote and deliver a net zero future’.

The council aims to embed sustainability across housing, biodiversity, the seafront, waste and transport.

Councillor Carole Mulroney commented: “In 2019 we declared a climate emergency, committing to the development and delivery of radical policies to meet carbon-neutrality by 2030.

“I am pleased that we are now looking to recruit a ‘Head of Climate Change’ who will lead on the delivery and strategic development of all aspects of climate change across the council and the b borough to achieve a carbon-neutral Southend by 2030 and develop and deliver our low carbon energy and sustainability strategy.”

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