Monday 28 June 2021

Festival Net Zero: The pathway to decarbonise heat and how to finance net zero

Festival Net Zero: The pathway to decarbonise heat and how to finance net zero

Festival Net Zero saw experts from AMP Clean Energy and ENGIE take to the stage to discuss the best pathway to decarbonising heat and how best to finance your net zero ambitions.

Stuart Reid, Managing Director of Projects at AMP Clean Energy said that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work to deliver net zero, and stressed that each project is unique and needs its own focus.

However, he stated that funding is available in the market, highlighting that businesses looking to cut their emissions should strive to find a partnership that allows a unique approach to secure funds and deliver decarbonisation.

Mr Reid added: "Any technology can work in the right location, it's got to be based on a detailed look at the demands of a business and their buildings."

Speaking to the audience, he underlined a need for increased clarity from the government about how they are going to drive heat decarbonisation going forwards, suggesting that the current carbon price is "not enough" - he noted he expects carbon prices will rise in the near future in line with the expectations of much of the sector.

Kirti Rudra, Energy and Carbon Solutions Director at ENGIE agreed that money is available and ready to be deployed for net zero, in both the public and private sector.

She pointed to ENGIE and AMP Clean Energy as examples of businesses offering financing and emphasised that longer-term strategies and partnerships generally offer more competitive rates, through using tools such as Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs).

Ms Rudra added that lengthier agreements mean businesses can deliver transformational change rather than be limited to the incremental change that is possible over a short-term window.

She said: "There is a need to integrate finance with sustainability to deliver net zero, we can provide organisations with funding or they can provide their own, but finance is key to this transition."


We have produced a thought leadership report with all of our partners to help you navigate your path to net zero – you can download it here.

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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