Friday 25 June 2021

Glasgow LEZ to be enforced from June 2023

Glasgow LEZ to be enforced from June 2023

A public consultation has begun on the proposed Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in Glasgow, which when enforced in June 2023 will apply to all vehicles driving into the city centre.

The consultation is to discuss the logistics of the LEZ, including its location, which types of vehicles are exempt and when it will function from.

It was originally introduced by the council in 2018 to combat air pollution in the city centre and to incentivise the public to adopt electric vehicles (EVs).

A phased approach has been taken to allow people to prepare, with the current Phase 1 only applying to local bus services and Phase 2 to include all vehicles entering the city centre.

The implementation of Phase 2 was delayed by the pandemic but is now being discussed in detail.

Councillor Anna Richardson said: "The introduction of Glasgow's LEZ in 2018 shows our resolute determination to tackle air pollution in the city centre and beyond.

“To ease compliance, we are raising early awareness as well as supporting a wide range of projects and initiatives that encourage higher levels of active and more sustainable travel and a reduced reliance on private vehicles. Our consultation sets out in detail, Phase 2 of Glasgow's LEZ, and we hope to get feedback from as many people as possible."

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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