Project to capture carbon emissions from biomass gets funding

Ricardo claims it works by burning sustainably sourced wood waste to generate power and charcoal, capturing the carbon emissions produced in the process

Big Zero Report 2023

A project to capture the carbon dioxide produced by burning forestry waste biomass has been given funding by the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio.

It is being developed by a consortium led by environmental consultancy Ricardo, which claims the project captures up to 95% of the carbon dioxide produced from burning wood.

Ricardo has stated the system works by taking sustainably sourced wood waste and burning it to generate heat and power.

The consultancy has also revealed the charcoal produced as a by-product can be used by farmers as animal feed or to enrich soil.

Mike Bell, Strategy Director, commented: “We aim to demonstrate that this kind of carbon capture system with combined heat and power can be used to benefit local communities and bolster the UK’s reputation as a pioneer in green technologies.”

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