£1bn of turnover signed up to Race to Zero in only two months

The FNZ Standard with CBN Expert is designed to create a simple way for smaller businesses to prove their environmental credentials, allowing them to track progress towards Race to Zero goals

Net Hero Podcast

The collective turnover of businesses signed up to the Race to Zero campaign through the FNZ Standard with CBN Expert has broken the billion-pound barrier.

We have hit this great milestone in just two months, working with a mix of smaller businesses kickstarting their journey to carbon-neutrality, as well as larger companies that want to start greening their supply chains.

The number of companies getting stuck into their Scope 3 emissions tracking is really ramping up now – you can join them by signing up to the Standard, which will help you record your carbon footprint, monitor emissions progress and benchmark yourselves against the rest of your sector.

The tool offers a fully validated process that means you can easily track progress towards Race to Zero goals and gives you open access to our full network of partners collectively working to drive down emissions, improve their bottom lines and tackle the threat of climate change.

You can find out more about the Standard and what it could do for your business here.

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