Tuesday 1 June 2021

Five ways to show you’re cutting carbon for net zero

Five ways to show you’re cutting carbon for net zero

“The time has come.” Sustainability is no longer optional. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ll agree with the conclusion of the latest KPMG sustainability reporting survey.

Climate-conscious consumers, employees and investors increasingly, and rightly, want to see proof we’re doing something about it.

Meanwhile, governments worldwide look set to further tighten climate regulation as we accelerate towards net zero. The UK already plans to make climate-related disclosures mandatory by 2025, with many set to be in place by 2023.

Carbon reduction plan

That’s why larger businesses in particular need a plan to reduce and report their carbon footprint – Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions as defined by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP).

If you’re a larger energy user, you may already have to report your Scope 2 emissions for purchased electricity under Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR). Now’s the time to consider additional ways to cut your carbon footprint, including Scope 3 emissions in your supply chain.

By adopting a carbon reduction strategy with science-based targets, you can prove to government and stakeholders your climate action is more than just hot air.

Five ways to cut carbon

Our SSE team is focused on designing energy solutions that not only help you cut carbon, but also provide the data you need to validate your climate targets:

1. Zero emissions with green electricity

Start by cutting your Scope 2 emissions with SSE Green Electricity – 100% renewable electricity from our UK wind and hydro assets.1 It’s independently verified by EcoAct, so it’s easy to report zero emissions for electricity using GHGP’s market-based methodology. And with SSE Green REGO+, you can even trace your green energy to a named wind farm.

2. Go green long-term with UK renewables

Commit to zero Scope 2 emissions long-term with SSE Corporate Power Purchase Agreement. By buying an agreed amount of green electricity from a specific SSE wind farm, you can lock in your price for up to five years. Get in touch and be one of the first to get fixed-price, long-term green electricity and show you’re supporting UK renewables.

3. Cut emissions with green gas

If you use gas, you can further reduce emissions with 100% renewable SSE Green Gas Plus. Independently verified by EcoAct, it allows you to report reduced Scope 1 emissions under GHGP.2

4. Green your supply chain

The carbon footprint of your supply chain is the most difficult to tackle. That’s why we created SSE Green Supply Chain: so you can reduce your Scope 3 emissions by making our green electricity available at a preferential rate to your partners and suppliers.

5. Optimise costs, cut carbon

The simplest way to cut carbon is to optimise your consumption. With tools like our SSE Clarity online reporting platform, remote energy management, and SSE Virtual Power Plant, you have the data and capability to optimise costs and cut carbon across your sites.

New targets for net zero

I’m proud of how the SSE Group is powering change as a Principal Partner for UN Climate Change Conference (COP26). Ahead of the conference, the UK government has just set a new goal to cut emissions by 78% by 2035, and we can expect renewed demands for climate action after it.

My team and I are committed to helping businesses across GB and the island of Ireland meet these new challenges – to reduce and report your emissions for long-term, sustainable growth. Drawing on SSE’s own experience of sustainability action, reporting and science-based targets, we’re determined to help you achieve yours.

As KPMG concludes, third-party assurance for sustainability reporting is now the norm, so it’s time to act or get left behind. Start now by downloading our SECR carbon calculator and see the difference green energy could make for your business.

1 All our renewable electricity is sourced from wind and hydro assets wholly or partly owned by SSE Renewables, our sister company in the SSE Group. With SSE Green Electricity, you’ll continue to get your electricity through the national grid as normal, and we’ll match your consumption to REGOs from the SSE Group’s generating assets. All SSE Business Energy products are offered in accordance with our applicable Terms and Conditions and subject to availability.

2 Scope 1 emissions can be reported using appropriate “Biogas” and “Outside of Scopes” emissions factors.

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Bruna Pinhoni

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