Tuesday 1 June 2021

Acer Group commits to 100% renewable energy by 2035

Acer Group commits to 100% renewable energy by 2035

The Acer Group has joined the RE100 initiative and pledged to ensure it consumes 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Green energy has been used by various Acer operations since 2013, with some locations installing solar panels to generate their own renewable power.

The Group achieved 44% renewable energy use in 2020 and has adopted CDP's global disclosure system to manage the environmental impacts of its supply chain since 2008.

The company successfully achieved its target of reducing its carbon emissions by 60% worldwide last year.

Acer has also declared its mission to help tackle environmental challenges with its 'Earthion' platform, which unites its employees and supply chain partners and “expands the circle of impact” of its sustainability efforts.

The platform's primary topics of focus include green innovations in product design, using less packaging and more recycled materials, minimising the impact of production on the environment, leaving a smaller carbon footprint and recycling, reusing and repurposing resources.


Acer's first product within the Earthion platform – Aspire Vero – uses post-consumer recycled plastic throughout the chassis and keyboard caps and it is shipped in a box made from 80-85% recycled paper pulp and plastic bagging for adapter protection is reduced by using paper sleeves instead.

The laptop bag and the sheet between the keyboard and screen is also made with 100% industrial recycled plastic.

In 2020, all of Acer's notebooks adopted recycled paper for packaging and the environmentally-friendly designs saved 8,750kg of paper pulp and reduced the usage of 20 million plastic bags.

In addition, more than 50 metric tons of batteries were recycled and remanufactured into new ones, with more than 75% of Acer employees across 50 countries participating in the scheme.

Tiffany Huang, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Acer Inc said: “I am so touched to see Acer employees and partners come together, knowing that they have the ability to make decisions to protect our environment for future generations.

“We already have the commitment of AUO, Compal, Innolux and Quanta and look forward to welcoming more partners to join the Acer Earthion mission to speed up the development of green designs and processes and support our goal of 100% renewable energy for a sustainable planet.”

Written by

Bruna Pinhoni

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