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We’re delighted to share news of our plan to rebrand to SSE Energy Solutions

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We’re delighted to share news of our plan to rebrand to SSE Energy Solutions.

We understand your big energy challenge. Whether running a small business or large corporation, how can you reduce carbon and cut costs while growing your business on the road to net zero?

We believe green energy solutions and business success go hand in hand, and we’re uniquely placed to show you how. As the UK and Ireland’s largest renewable electricity generator, SSE can provide traceable renewable energy from our own assets, combined with the tools and technology to help your business succeed.

Introducing SSE Energy Solutions

And now we’re bringing all this directly to you. We’re uniting SSE Business Energy with our Distributed Energy division in a “whole system” approach to tailor low-carbon solutions for your business, however big or small.

We’re calling it SSE Energy Solutions.

If you’re a small business owner, we can help you go green and save money with renewable energy, smart energy management and other cost- and carbon-saving solutions.

Running a larger business? Our whole system approach, data visualisation and remote management tools make it easy to identify waste, make changes and benefit from green solutions across your sites.

And we mean whole system. For businesses, towns and cities across the UK, we’re designing, building and maintaining heating and cooling networks, delivering end-to-end customer services. Or distributed energy solutions with smart, on-site generation where energy becomes an asset to increase revenue.

Our Distributed Energy division is one of the leaders in electric vehicle hub technology, helping the UK transition to greener transport, from small business delivery vans to large bus fleets.

So whether you’re a sole trader just starting out, large corporation or city council – and wherever you are on the road to net zero – we have the assets, experience and know-how to be your bridge to a sustainable future.

What’s changing?

From now on, you’ll start to see our new “Becoming SSE Energy Solutions” logo as we transition to the new brand. We’ll become “SSE Energy Solutions” later this year. This will help us to fulfil our new purpose: to provide the energy needed today, while building a better world of energy for tomorrow.

And you can rest assured that all our existing products and services will continue uninterrupted as we move to our new brand.

SSE Energy Solutions – flexible, green energy solutions for your business that scale and grow as you do. We look forward to working with you in the next exciting stage of our evolution towards net zero.

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