Vinci Energies commits to switching industrial and electrical units to EVs

The company has stated the switch to EVs will reduce its carbon footprint by 44% within four years

Net Hero Podcast

Vinci Energies has committed to switching all its electrical and mechanical units to electric vehicles (EVs), reducing its carbon footprint by 44% within four years.

It has already replaced 10% of its electrical and mechanical unit fleet with EVs, with the aim of that number reaching 50% by the end of 2021 and 100% by 2024.

“Becoming an early adopter sends a strong message to our customers. Not only regarding our care for the environment but also our belief in EV technologies and our capabilities as a long-established charging infrastructure provider.

“In addition, we will be sharing all lessons learned and expect our EV fleets to serve as a model for the rest of VINCI Energies to follow, reducing our overall environmental impact even further,” said Andrew Hunter, Director of the Actemium UK Industrial Perimeter.

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