Egypt’s largest gold mine to get green boost from new solar hybrid project

A solar farm with a battery energy storage system is predicted to lower carbon dioxide emissions from the mine’s diesel power station

Net Hero Podcast

Egypt’s largest gold mine will soon become home to what is claimed to be the world’s largest solar hybrid project.

German developer juwi, through its Cape Town-based subsidiary, has signed an agreement with Sukari Gold Mines to build the solar battery hybrid power plant.

A 36MW solar farm and a 7.5MW battery-energy storage system are forecast to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the site’s existing diesel power station.

The project is expected to reduce emissions by 60,000 tonnes and cut diesel consumption by an estimated 22 million litres every year.

Stephan Hansen, Chief Operating Officer and Board Member of juwi AG, commented: “The mining industry accounts for 10% of the global energy consumption and many minerals play a vital role for the energy transition.”

Dave Manning, Director Global Hybrid at juwi, said: “This global flagship project highlights significant benefits that African mines can unlock with solar battery hybrid solutions.”

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